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Faux Granite Countertops Lowes to Use in Your Home

That using granite countertops one of the most effective ways any homeowners can resort to when considering decorating their kitchens. If you are also a homeowner and you consider decorating your kitchen, using the countertops is undeniably something you have to consider and of course, if you consider using the countertops, there are various different kinds of granite countertop you can consider using in your kitchen. You can even create some on your own if you want and if you are interested in creating some, you can create, for instance, faux granite countertops lowes. To create the countertops, the first thing you will need to do is buying countertops from Lowes to use in creating the faux countertops.

faux granite countertops lowes

Upon purchasing the countertops from Lowes, the next thing you can do in creating the faux granite countertops is purchasing items such as countertop paint, acrylic paints, and a sea sponge. After you are done with purchasing all of those items, you are ready to create your own faux granite countertops lowes and the first step in creating the faux countertops is cleaning the countertops you buy from Lowes and color it using the countertop paint to create a base color on the countertops. After you apply the base color using the countertop paint, you have to wait for two days for the paint to fully dry even though it only need minutes for the paint to dry to touches which means that you can touch it minutes after you use it on the countertops.

faux granite countertops diy

While you wait for the countertop paint to dry, you can prepare the acrylic paint and create spots real granite countertops usually have on them. You can use acrylic paints in colors like, for instance, white, grey, and blue and create spots with a color combination of the three colors and apply them on the base color after it fully dries. To apply the spots on the base color and finish creating the faux granite countertops diy, you can use the sea sponge you have bought earlier and apply the faux granite spots you have created using the acrylic paint on various parts of the countertops. It is not that difficult to create faux granite countertops lowes on your own and use them in your home.

faux granite countertops

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